Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to most common questions and some will help you understand more about what's our project is about. 🐻

What is a NFT?

"A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files." - Wikipedia

How much will the mint price be?

15 ADA per NFT, more details about why 15 ADA can be found in our Medium article.

When Bears Club NFTs will launch?

January 28th, at 6PM UTC.

How the launch and minting will look like?

A few hours before the minting starts we will explain in detail at our Twitter and Discord how the minting process will work.

Our mint button at our website will be activated to send the user to the right place.

The use of a Shelly era wallet will be required. If the ADA be sent from an exchange, the NFT will be minted and sent to it and forever lost.

The NFT will be automatically minted and sent back to the wallet used to send the ADA amount. If in any case a problem occurs, refund will be automatically issued by the system

How many will we be able to mint?

Members will be able to mint up to 10 per transaction.

Bears Club NFT will have royalty token?

Yes, ours is set to only 2%, way under the market average.

Why no presale?

We want a fair distribution for all our club members. We do understand the demand of a pre-sale and take every suggestions into account.

When will the Discord invitation giveaway ends?

When we launch. We will take a snapshot of results 1hr after launch, and distribute the prizes within 24hrs. Please do check our twitter for more giveaways!

Will there be a rarity chart for the NFTs?

Yes, we will provide a rarity chart, but hopefully we will get to list our project in all rarity community tools available after launch.

How will we be able to view our NFTs?

You can see all your NFT’s through , or if you use a wallet like Nami.

How will we trade Bears Club NFTs?

We are already verified on and , applied to be verified on as well, so those are the common places where you will be able to trade your cool NFT. With smart-contracts growing with help of awesome community members, we plan on creating a dedicated place for Bears Club NFT trading.

Can you guys talk more about the roadmap and what happens after launch?

After we release all 10,000 bears at the Cardano forest, we will continue working on the project while gathering feedback and interacting with all our community.

What do you mean by continuing working on the project?

We really want to let the community be able to transform their Bears into 3D versions of itself and create the Bears Club play-to-earn game, also while adding breeding for the original 10,000 Bears.

What would be the cost involved to transform the painted Bears into 3D ones?

The cost most likely will be a fraction of the initial minting price or free (airdropped), still to be decided.

How Bears Club game will look like?

Taking care of your own club in Cardano Forest, where you'll have Cardano Forest life as your clientele. Craft drinks and foods to serve your customers, farming currency to expand your own club, decore it with furnitures, serving new and better beverages and foods or even adding new staff members.

How useful will the NFT Bears be?

Each trait of the Bears Club NFT will unlock a unique set of customization items to be placed around the club, giving you better club score and changing the visual of your club. There are no limits on the amount of items you can own, but there will be a limit on how many items you can put in your club (swapping them around whenever you want is fine though). If you equip your Bears Club NFT as a staff member, people who visit your club will be able to see it walking around.

How's the game going to work?

Every player, apart from the NFT holders, will start with a club and one basic bear as staff. The player will be able to expand their land with a maximum of 20 furnitures, 5 staff members, and 4 more spaces. The game mechanics will be explained more in depth in the future, as with feedback things may be changed or added.

What you guys are aiming for the game to be?

A social and fun play-to-earn club simulation game where you manage your own NFT Club, interact with your friends, visiting their clubs, visit popular places in the Cardano Forest where people will be with their favorite bears interacting with each other. Let you players place some of your favorite CNFT's (other than Bears Club ones) in your club, customize and organize it, making your club look the way you want, even let some background music playing for visitors to hear while they visit your club.

What to expect from breeding?

The breeding will be introduced together with the game, as we want to integrate the results of breeding on it, only the 10.000 bears will be able to breed, breed will be required in order to have baby bears, which will likely stay at the playground zone in your club, giving the club more % revenue gain.

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