Second most important player asset inside the game.

Adult Bears will be the club staff who manages the business.

The club may have up to 5 bears allocated as staff, with the minimum of one allocated.

There will be 3 categories of Bears:

  • NFT Bears

  • NFT Baby Bears

  • Common Bears

NFT Bears

Those will have a limited circulating supply of 10.000 and released before the game.

Each NFT Bear will provide the player with a specific amount of unique and special assets to be placed inside the club as furniture.

If in use as staff, player and visitors will be able to see it walking around the club.

It may be used as a player skin on public social areas of the game.

These bears will be necessary to breed and create NFT Baby Bears.

NFT Baby Bears

Those will be created through the process of breeding and won't have a limited supply.

Baby Bears won't be able to be used as staff, but may be placed inside the club to provide specific bonuses.

Players will be able to place up to 5 Baby Bears inside the club.

Common Bears

Every player will start with one of those and unlike the NFT Bears it won't be tradeable.

Players will be able to buy common bears through in-game currency.

Common bears gives no special items or bonuses, it only serves as staff.

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